Personal Fitness Trainer Courses

Become Career Fit with our Personal Fitness Trainer Courses

What inspired us to design our personal fitness trainer courses was the change that should be brought in order to achieve health standards that are acceptable for masses. With a career in personal fitness training you can learn the nutrition value of various foods for yourself and your clients. You can also learn the importance to bringing a change in someone’s life who is struggling with weight, unhealthy lifestyle and health issues. Our personal fitness trainer courses can maximize your employment opportunities by bringing out the best in you.

Our Certificates, Diplomas and Trainings

It’s always better to have a support telling you to keep going and you have what it takes to become a personal fitness trainer. That is exactly what our experienced instructors and health professionals do during personal fitness trainer courses.

  • Metabolic conditioning training workshop course

    Learn how to conduct screenings and analyse the fitness level of the clients who come to you. In our metabolic conditioning course we teach you methods and techniques of cardio and how to cleanse the insides through exercise and nutrition.

  • Personal fitness trainer instructor course

    In our personal fitness trainer instructor course we teach you how to choose and implement fitness training programs on your clients and how to increase your business with better client interaction and customer service apart from various exercises.

  • Gym based boxing workshop

    Gain the knowledge to sports and boxing equipment in our gym based boxing workshop and cherish the blend of exercise and sports while training athletes to bring home medals.

  • Studio cycling workshop

    Currently the most popular method of staying in shape is through cycling in the UK. We teach you how to train clients through studio cycling workshop and motivate them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

  • Exercise to music instructor course

    Fitness training can’t get any better than having music and moves on the site. Our exercise to music instructor course is all about fun and excitement while working out.

  • Level 3 personal training diploma

    Enhance your skills to the next level with our level 3 personal training diploma and get a chance to earn thousands of pounds with minimum effort.

The fitness industry job prospects

Unhealthy lifestyles are making everyone run to the gym and health clubs individually or in groups. This is creating volumes of job opportunities for personal fitness trainers where they can earn up to £30,000 per annum with various benefits aside.