Professional Cooking Classes

Become a 5 Star Chef with our Professional Cooking Classes

Our cooking classes teach you to master the art of creating anything that you’ve eaten in fancy restaurants’ and wondered how they do it. From the pairing of vine and cheese till ten million techniques of cooking, we have everything you need to become a professional chef in our cooking classes. So get a group of friends and enrol in our cooking courses for an exciting time or enrol individually to pursue a career that will never disappoint you in any way.

Cooking Classes that satisfy your taste buds

We have different types of cooking classes and we also organize various food workshops that can add a tinge of fun in your everyday routine lessons.

  • Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment

    Learn how to satisfy your customers who came on board with high expectations of a lavish vacation. Our ship’s cook certificate assessment teaches you to have control over food and your team in out of the ordinary exotic places. Learn how to handle a ship kitchen and safety measures during your work shift.

  • Food Safety Level 2 Award

    Food can look and taste versatile even when its components are on the verge of being rotten. This is where food safety courses kick in. Anyone who is responsible in the direction exposure to food commercially needs to undergo food safety courses due to maintenance of food hygiene.

  • Professional Culinary Diploma

    Become an accomplished chef with our professional culinary diploma and make the most out of our cooking classes because we don’t train you for irrelevant things. Whether you want to learn vegetarian recipes, protein or sea food, we will teach you cooking methods that are modern and in demand.

What’s next after the certification?

Soon after you are done with cooking classes, you might think, what’s next? But to be honest, you will have a very well idea of what you are going to do soon after your certification during your chef training. The starting income in the culinary industry is £30,000 per annum with increases with skill and experience in the relevant role. There are hundreds of chef jobs in London and other cities of the UK.

Need help with the funds?

We are offering a 0% interest rate funding option through which you can train now and pay later. Our cooking classes are affordable and have a great value for money.